Coriolis Third Horizon

A collection of my texts and ideas around Coriolis, the RPG by Fria Ligan(Free League in English). You'll also find plenty of links for inspiration and tools for game sessions.

These are my views, my home brew. Some of the material deviate greatly from the official rules. So read and take inspiration from what you like - discard the rest.

The darkness awaits...welcome to my Horizon!



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Links to more resources added.


2 new Coriolis specific links added to the links section. Generate missions, systems or planets. Or generate NPCs with a simple click in the browser.


What is a Horizon? What defines a Horizon? How does the Horizons relate and how is travel in between done?


A new talent for the captain with a rich background and history. A native leader, a ships captain whose history may catch up with the crew and shake foundations of the adventurers.


What does a portal look like? How do you use it? Where can you find them? I've had tons of fun describing this and much more related to portal travels. Just be aware that my Third Horizon is DARK, and portal travels are not a thing taken lightly.


Added a link to my Coriolis RPG board on Pinterest in the link section. More than 1.000 inspiring Coriolis pictures!


A new general talent that gives you powerful resistance against radiation damage. It also gives a small side-ability that could be versatile in other situations.


I have created an alternative calendar that changes many small things, but should still fit into the overall third Horizon. Rearranging the Icon segments and adding a Icon holiday. Going into some detail regarding length of Cycle and Segments. Connected with the Faceless Icon article.


The church of the The Faceless Icon gets more meat on the bones. I've tuned the Icon quite a bit. I also go into some details regarding ceremonial practices, titles and locations. This is connected to the updated Coriolis calendar article.


Why I created this page and a little bit about me...