I have created this page to document and share my vision of the Third Horizon. I will create material the way I see my Horizon.

So some of the material will go against the content in the rule books provided by Free League. This is home brew - right?


In general I think my vision is darker than that described in the rule books of the game. I'm a little stuck on the darker vision that was used by the creator of the first generation of the Coriolis game. The original author has mentioned the movie "Event Horizon" as a source of inspiration for the game.

Even now in the second generation of the game some of the pictures communicate that darker vision.

My Horizon will be dark will probably be even darker than first generation. Things will be dark, gritty and dirty all the way. There could be a somewhat safe haven aboard their own ships, but sometimes even that sanctuary gets tainted by the dark between the stars.

The crews on the smaller ships are struggling with the bare minimums. Normal street life is poor and struggling, the common man and woman works hard just to sustain and survive. The bigger factions have better means, and amass wealth. The question is what motivates and controls faction activities?

The crew will never get rich, they will only make dents in the overall evil that saturates the existence in the Horizon. Over time they will hone their skills, be capable of handling ever greater odds against them. Victories will be won by restoring justice, bringing "good" to the helpless inhabitants in the Third Horizon. There will be times they return to earlier sites and be received as heroes and saviors.

My Horizon will not be dark(er) because Icons manifest frequently, not because monsters from the dark appear in every gaming session. Instead the darkness need to be always present, but not touchable or explorable. Saturating the horizon around the crew in their endeavors.

There will be no "common" monsters. Whatever dark spirits or creatures the crew meets will be one off spawns from the dark between the stars. The chapter in the book about Darkmorphs is perfect - if it would have stopped at the headline.

For me the creatures described thereafter is mere inspiration to the kind of darklings that could cross path with the ship crew. I do not want inflation among the players "learning" how to handle different kinds of Darkmorphs. All encounters with the supernatural will normally not leave any traces of evidence. If evidence is left behind it will be inconclusive and open for interpretation.


I will also go into details of things. The creators of the game has made excellent work in creating the world and leaving inspiration for additional topics. For me, I need things to be in order. For me to know details on how things work, so that I in detail can describe the activities that happens around the ship crew.

I would like to see a description of the portals. Even though the exact construction and functionality may not be known, it would make sense to have some (logistical) order around portal jumps. For example the portals are two-way, what if a ship comes out the other way right before one enters from the other side? Wouldn't it make sense to create some regulations about this? How big is the portal and how does one find it? Are they always in the exact same place?

How does the stasis bed work in detail? What happens if the ship looses power? For how long? What is the protocol going into stasis? Etcetera...

Look out for some of those dig-ins!

Who am I

Parallax71 is my pseudonym, Parallax meaning "alternate view" fitting this page perfectly. The 71 is my birth year.

I've played RPGs since the early 80s. Being Swedish most of my time has been spent with Swedish games, but also English games.

In the early 90s I was engaged in SVEROK, the national association for role and strategy gamers. At that time SVEROK had 18k members nationally.

I have always been intrigued by fantasy and fantasy games. I read LOTR 1983 and...well that has left impressions even how I have developed as a person. I have always loved RPG, from the very first time trying it - without rules or even DICE!!

After many years hiatus I found very interesting forums on FB and G+. Later when I found the actual play podcasts - with excellent quality I was again hooked!

The crew from "Vi spelar rollspel" (in Swedish) played a campaign in "Coriolis", a game which I hadn't even heard about. An excellent game master and an awesome campaign opened my eyes to Coriolis. My interest for RPGs was re-ignited and is now burning bright.

And I love the Coriolis world, which fills me with almost limitless inspiration.

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