Free League - To the mothership

Visual inspiration

My Coriolis board - collection of pictures on Pinterest, sorted into categories.

Rules and Resources

Samars Hamam - Add bath houses to your Coriolis!

"The Third Horizon" on G+ - The most vivid Coriolis discussions forum. Now closed :(

"The Third Horizon" being moved to MeWe.

"Coriolis: The Third Horizon" on FB - Not very active forum on FB.

Fria Ligan "official" Coriolis forum

Ship Salvage rules - rules and table for salvaging items of ships.


Coriolis ship designer - create your ship and get it all summarized at this link No longer working :(

DonJon- Need names, inspiration or other? Look no further! This generator will give you names inspired by Arabic. - ...for everything! Names, alchemical recipes, town names, personalities etc. - Here be generators...also includes graphical generators.

Planet maker - create a beautiful visual picture of you planets.

Techno babble - for that intense techno dialogue aboard the ship.

Coriolis specific generator 1 - Generate systems, planets and missions.

Coriolis specific generator 2 - Simple but very handy NPC generator.

Music & Ambiance

TableTopAudio - the #1 source for gaming sounds and music.

Ambient-Mixer - create sound boards and ambiance for your gaming session.


Svartviken RollpelsPodd - The number 1 source for high quality actual play in Swedish. The campaigns in Coriolis has really elevated the position of this skillful crew!

Vi Spelar Rollspel - Actual play in Swedish. Epic Coriolis campaign(40 episodes) , a "must listen!"

Coriolis Effect - In English! Used to be really good. But unfortunately they renamed the pod (Effekt) and diluted the contents with other games and a tsunami of actual plays.